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The Plan: The Chronology of Gods Word from Creation to Completion is the world's first chronology of God's Word, rearranged verse by verse, event by event for history and prophecy.


* God's perspective of history unfolding

* God’s time schedule for world history

* The big picture and where you fit into it

* God’s faithfulness to fulfill His unbreakable word

* See the future as God has already spoken it

* Authoritative demonstration of God’s Word as absolute truth


* Verse by verse chronological order of historic events

* Color coding of prophecy with blue as promise declaration

* Prophetic future events in chronological ordered (Orange)

* Fulfilled prophecy in order moved to historic place of fulfillment (Red)

* Prophecy currently being fulfilled today (Green)

* World history outline from Creation to Completion of the ages

* 440 historic Biblical dates calculated (Black)

* Arch Bishop Ussher’s dating system for comparison (870)

* Prophecy promises are hyperlinked to their fulfillments or future fulfillments (Over 700 threads)

* Reading guide for one year, six months, or 90 days

* Quick scan to find any verse

* Genealogies are placed in historical proximities (over 1200)

The Plan Bible’s™ vision is to present the roadmap of world history: Every event in the God's Word placed in chronological order from Creation to Completion of the ages—to prepare you for Jesus Christ’s return. We are living history as it unfolds; it is not just the past. This roadmap is the entirety of God’s Word balanced in the past and the prophetic future. The design illustrates the authority of God’s Word by linking prophetic promises to their fulfillments with more than 700 threads throughout history.

The Plan Bible™ has developed a tool simply called The Plan. The Plan is the New International Version (NIV) translation. It is the NIV placed in chronological order from Creation to Completion. We believe readers will gain a greater understanding of the truth and historicity of God's Word, thus preparing believers to escape the tribulation to come and helping those who were not prepared to gain understanding during the darkest period of earth’s history. The ultimate goal of The Plan leads you to find and deepen your relationship with God, the one true Creator, and Judge of heaven and earth. By seeking the truth of history according to God’s Word, we settle the fact that God's Word is the trustworthy authority on historical truth.

Beyond its historical accuracy, God’s Word is and continues to be self-validating. What He says comes to pass. More than 2,000 prophetic verses of Scripture have come to fruition. They were fulfilled in just the manner God said they would be. When we grasp that fact, it leads us to an assurance that the 2,500 other prophetic verses still to be fulfilled will happen just as God stated them in scripture. In studying these Scriptures, you will see the fulfillment of God’s Word as the events of human history draw to a climax. The prophecies laid out millennia ago are proving true and coming to pass in our day as never before in history.

An astonishing truth can be found with careful study of Bible chronologies. God has recorded a continuous path of time in scripture. Beginning with Adam and moving through the patriarchs, the age of their births and deaths have been recorded. From these chronologies, as well as from the recorded length of the reigns of the kings of Judah and a 480 year span recorded in 1 Kings 6:1, the dates of ancient world history can be calculated. There are 66 biblical date calculations required to compute the time passed from Adam's creation to the fall of Jerusalem. The Plan also includes over 300 additional biblically historical dates, and more than 100 more from non-biblical sources; all validating the historical authenticity of God's word.There are no future dates calculated. If Jesus Himself does not know the day and the hour of His return, we will not know either. We see the signs around us. It is time to look up to Him, for our redemption draws near.

The Bible has long been an object of intense scrutiny and opposition. God’s adversary, Satan, has tried to contradict His Word from the beginning. However, when you honestly and diligently seek the truth, you will discover that no other book can boast such claims as God’s Word: an offer of true relationship and eternal life with the Creator of heaven and earth.

Why should anybody study The Plan? We believe:

“This generation needs truth like no generation before it. We need to know all the truth so that we can be set free: free from the enemy, free from the bondage of sin, free from the bondage of poverty, lack, and brokenness. All of these things come from a lack of knowledge. God’s people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. The enemy has tactics stored up for this last generation that he has never used on any generation before in his entire history. This generation will overcome and will be ready for Jesus Christ’s return, only if they know, believe, and walk in the truth.”

Let the truths in The Plan set you free from the fear of an uncertain future. Let the prophecies given in God’s Word become promises to you of the hope and glory that is to come. Moreover, let the truth of your loving Father’s promise to forgive you, receive you, and offer you a glorious hope set you free.

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